Welcome to my world of art

Shruti Mehta is an emerging artist in Austin, TX.

Shruti’s art work spans a wide range from rural life, ethnic women, festivals and seasons, to landscapes and abstract art.  Shruti also has a frenzy to wander around new lands and bring to her canvas the distinctive characteristics of these regions she visits. Shruti has been experimenting with various mediums – oil, acrylic, water, pencil and mixed media.

Shruti began her art journey at the age of 12, with Guru late Mrs. Avantika Jetley, Ahmedabad, India and went on to develop her own style.  Shruti likes to blend an element of the modernism with everyday life depiction.  Her work has been juried as well as curated, and exhibited in various locations and galleries in and around Austin. Her artwork has been sold at auctions and raised money for charitable causes. Shruti has passion for languages and at present she is learning ancient Indian language, Sanskrit. 

Please contact the artist at shrutipmehta@hotmail.com

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